Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Hat

The strange case of the hat. Although I adore hats, I'm not able to come to a conclusion what a hat does to me. I find it such a difficult styling piece. My thought: a hat makes an instantly bold statement one should think carefully which one to wear on. There are so many details to pay attention. Personality, size (big vs small), occasion, color, weather....the list can go on.

Well, I was experimenting once again and still....no conclusions. 


  1. You look so classic and mysterious!! love it!!!

  2. I hear you.....I'm exactly the same way. My head shape is "big" I'm not that tall...5 feet 3 inches...but I love large brimmed hats....not really suitable for being so short. I have 3 hats, but I never wear them.

  3. Honey you look fab in a hat.. loves it :)

  4. Your expression, especially in the first picture, is so comical! But really, you DO look fabulous in a hat!!! I love the shot where the brim is turned up a little more (pic 4). I wear hats a lot, and find that a smaller hat is easier to wear daily than a large brim one. I love fedoras, berets, and caps of all types. My husband is not a hat guy, but I've finally just decided that in general, I feel better in a hat. Now I'm on the lookout for cool, unusual hats. My head is a "long oval" so I'm told, so most women's hats don't fit, unfortunately. I'd love to see what you come up with as you experiment. I love the look of a scarf under a hat too.

    Have a wonderful week!!! XXXXOOOO

  5. You look stunnin with a hat and without.
    Thank you for your visit, it made my day.

  6. Nice pictures. Love the hat. Every woman should need one :-)